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The Books

Throughout the course of his thirty-year career, Wayne Grady has written non-fiction articles and fiction short stories, works of translation, and full books about natural science and scientific history. Wayne has also edited several anthologies of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. His first novel, Emancipation Day, was published in the summer of 2013.

His second novel, Up from Freedom, was published by Doubleday in 2018, and his third novel, The Good Father, appeared in April 2021, also from Doubleday. He is currently at work on a series of mystery novels, featuring Detective Inspector Rodolfo Westman, set in Buenos Aires, and is compiling a lexicon of terms that have arisen from the Covid-19 pandemic, entitled When the Lights of Health Went Down (the title is taken from Virginia Woolf’s essay “On Being Ill”), which so far contains 58 essay/entries, from “Above the Keyboard Dressing” to “Zoonosis.”

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Wayne Grady is currently published by Doubleday Books.