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“Every parent, every daughter and son will want to read this book….
The Good Father is a wonder, heart-breaking and heart-mending at the same time.”


—Lorna Crozier

The Good Father, my third novel, explores the relationship between Harry Bowes and his daughter Daphne, a relationship challenged by divorce, physical and emotional distances, and colossally divergent perspectives. By the time Daphne is twenty, their relationship seems on the brink of collapse, and neither father nor daughter knows what can be done to save it.

When a catastrophic event wrenches them out of their states, one of stasis and one of chaos, Harry and Daphne are forced to examine the ways in which their self-absorption has eroded their connection, and to discover whether a family’s bond is truly ironclad, or if the damage is finally irreparable.


“A riveting, stay-up-late read that doubles as a deeply moving treatise on familial love.”

—Alyssa York

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